About Us

At WORKSYS we specialize in providing professional services to companies or project integrators which require highly qualified specialists to provide critical mission technical assistance or non-traditional specific software development for cross-platform or on mobile platform integration. We also offer B2C services.

Our technical staff are professionals with wide experience in project consulting for companies in different countries. We have bilingual specialists (Spanish, English) as well as infrastructure that adapts to each client’s requirements.

Our goal is to offer quality services, providing human resources which, because of cost and availability, are difficult to account for within any company’s payroll, since they are often only required for a specific length of time or for just a single project.

Worksys Why?

Because we are certain that to be true business partners, transparency is a must. Therefore, the scope of each product and service is clearly stated at the very beginning of negotiations, thus easily reaching an agreement.

Because most of us in the company are or have been technicians so we have wide experience in dealing with complex, urgent and demanding situations in an orderly, natural and effective way.

Because we use simple and efficient management processes and tools for every project so as to establish a common ground with our customers.

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